easy to mold, cut, compress, or fold; not hard or firm to the touch.

"soft margarine"


having a pleasing quality involving a subtle effect or contrast rather than sharp definition.

"the soft glow of the lamps"




active hostility or opposition.

"the antagonism between them"

soft antagonism is a double-edged method of short-circuiting control in mundane, "daily life."

1 - ((the target)) - subvert expectations, "shake up" reality/experience for intended target(s), "simple sabotage", expose loopholes in logic/control systems

2 - ((the self)) - exploit the presupposed linearity of time, ritualistic experience via artistic practice/developing narrative/personal mythos, embodying invented character/narrative, ENJOYING EXISTENCE through simple and/or complex maneuvers/implementation

intentionally loosen mental/emotional/physical(?) grip from capitalist control structures, gradually unhinge "the system(s)", cultivate focus/awareness/self-discipline

a "prank" and/or "subtle sabotage" action with some form of intention utilizing time and affects on the unwitting unconscious via subtle + gradual methods of altering preconceived familiarity of space/setting/experience/expectations/etc.

capitalism commodifies and absorbs counter-culture/"the weird" - in order to subvert commodification of soft antagonism, there is an intentional side-stepping of consistency and proper, solid definition - no clear uniformity to the actions/embodiment of soft antagonism

the only major line connecting the actions/embodiment of soft antagonism is the purposeful and personal limitation of working within the confines provided by the setting/target(s)/system(s)/etc. involved so as to disrupt without immediate or obvious consequence/negate risk of strong disciplinary action/further significant limitation (i.e. non-malicious)

find the loopholes and exploit gradually

loosen the screws one turn at a time

cut-up the rule book